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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

I enjoyed this movie alot.  I now see where  many of the modern day “zombie” sci-fi films originated. There was suspenseful action from beginning to end. Dr. Miles was the obvious hero, who realized what was happening to the residents of the town (Santa Myra)  and resisted to conform to the alien cloning madness. Becky, his girlfriend, was the apparent damsel in distress, which I felt was the only person Miles thought he had control over. The only way to avoid turning into an emotionless zombie was to refrain from sleep. This concept reminds me of the Freddy Krueger sequels, where the vicious gruesome punk, attacks children in their dreams.

The pod scene where Miles, Becky, Jack, and Teddy discover their emerging duplicates seems somewhat realistic. It appears as a rebirth; thick soapy suds engulfed around the life-less bodies, which gradually disappear to reveal their dopplegangers. The ultimate twist for me was when Becky was transformed into an alien. I really wasn’t expecting that since she was practically glued to Miles throughout the entire movie. At that moment Miles confesses that that was the first time he felt “fear” – losing the woman he loved. There was a lot of fast-cutting accompanied by fast-paced music to intensify suspense and thrill. There were so many instances that Miles and Becky came to getting caught but managed to escape or prolong their fate.

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  1.   nashholl wrote:

    without being biased, i must say that the special effects were good for a movie made during that time period. The soapy suds was a good substitute that appeared a little realistic as you mentioned. I liked the acting as well. Without any effects, their acting was necessary to determine the difference between themselves and their alien selves. Most movies today do a horrible job where that is concerned. Without the effects, you don’t even know who is who.

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