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Written on the Wind (1956)

Yay, color film! This film was awesome, I managed to stay awake throughout the whole thing. The cinematography and plot intertwined in a way that made the movie captivating in a sense. The vibrant colors added “life” to certain scenes and gave me a deeper meaning to the action of the characters. The mise-en-scene throughout the entire film was over-the-top. The characters were rich (upper middle class) consumed by problems that were futile and exaggerated. The themes of melodrama does come into play as well as that of good vs. evil. Mitch (Rock Hudson) was everything Kyle (Robert Stack) could never be. He was confident, strong and reassuring while I depicted Kyle to be an insecure crybaby that hid behind his fortune. Marylee (Kyle’s sister) was very manipulative and the ulitmate seductress. She had everything but at the end of the day still wanted what she couldn’t have, and that was Mitch. The film did come off as kind of cliche because evil- Kyle and Marylee- were defeated and the good – Mitch and Lucy- won, and lived happily ever after.

The musical scores also added to the dramatic effects of the sequences, especially the scene where Marylee is dancing wildly in her room while her father simultaneously plummets to his death down the stairs. This ironically suggests that she killed him even with the lack of her physical presence. I did sympathize with Kyle when doctor revealed his incompetency in the bedroom, that was like a “real” issue.

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